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The objectives of the Organization for Human Rights Defence Eastern Caribbean (OADOEC) are to investigate Human Rights abuse and misuse, creating Projects and Plans of Action to help resolve any such abuses around the world.


The Organisation for Human Rights Defence (Eastern Caribbean) is an inter-governmental NGO that is affiliated to the United Nations and has the support of one of its main organs ECOSOC (The Department of Economic and Social Affairs Council). ECOSOC address a wide range of human rights issues by co-ordinating a large number of member organisations working towards the same objectives and making policy decisions and recommendation to member state in the support of the issues raised.

The role of The Organisation for Human Rights Defence (Eastern Caribbean) is to ensure that the rights and freedoms of all people are protected under the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights Articles 1 – 30.

We will ensure these are adhered to by member nations of the UN and that any wrongdoing in regard to the respect, dignity, freedom and free-will of any individual or group is reported through the appropriate channels as set out by ECOSOC and investigated by the appropriate agencies.


The Organisation for Human Rights Defence Objectives are as follows:

  • Investigate Human Rights Abuses and Misuse

  • Instigate action plan(s) to tackle the above

  • Formulate and support humanitarian projects on a local and national level

  • Provide consultative reports on our work to ECOSO

The Organizația pentru Apărarea Drepturilor Omului (Organization for Human Rights Defence- OADO) is an affiliate partner of  N.A.T.O. Command, United Nations and ECOSOC. It is a UN NGO with it’s headquarters in Romania.

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